Zamzar – Online file convertor service

August 14, 2012Blog


To convert any files from one format to different format such as pdf, odp, Microsoft office etc, you need to have a software to convert those files which will occupy some space in your hard disk. Instead of those software, you can convert the files or videos to desired format through online file convertor service called Zamzar with web 2.0
To convert any files,

Go to zambar website, upload the files you want to convert – select format – enter the email id to receive the file convert.
To download video of desired format,

Go to download video tab – enter the url to download video – enter the video format to be downloaded – email id to receive the file – convert.
Zambar offers 24 hours with 100 MB file storage. It is now planning to user to upload files of bigger size and to store files for longer periods.


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