To fix video player problems in windows 7

August 10, 2012Blog


Sometimes you can come up with many video player problems such as failing to full screen view, or getting stuck and crashed if many files are to be played. Here are some ways to fix these problems.
1.Update your adobe flash player, quick time player etc. to its latest version. If there was any drawback in older version, it would have been solved in new version.
2.If there is face rendering issuses with hardware acceleration, then you can disable it by, right click on that video > settings > disable hardware acceleration.

3.Update your display drivers to support the latest video players.
4.Sometimes an unwanted temperory files, cache, cookies etc also can mess up with up your player. You can remove those unwanted files using CCleaner.

5.If adobe flash player fails to load any video in internet, then by reloading the tab will help you to recover it.
6.Or if that not help you, then you may have to reset your browser.


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