What are the user rights to access files and folder in Windows

August 2, 2012Blog


If you are saving any document in a file or folder, the windows will assign default rights to access these document. So that any one can see your document, they can read, write and edit it! If you don’t want any unauthorised person to edit it then you can restrict his access to the file. The set of file permission list,

You can restrict him by enabling the security option, to do that,

rightclick on that files>properities>security

In the security field, you can see that set of user to access the files and actions they can do on files!

To edit it, click advanced option

Where you can define the authorised user to access the file and actions they can do on these files!

In selecting the group of user, use select option and select the authorised users.

After selecting the user, define the actions for them by enabling the read, write etc boxes and click Ok.

If you want to know what are the rights that you have on a particular file, to find that you can have effective permission tool
This tool will calculate the percentage of permission to access of a particular file!

there is another tool AccessChk to check effective permission you have on files, registry keys, any services, kernels etc.


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