Who am I feature in windows 7

August 14, 2012Blog


WHOAMI (who am I) feature in windows 7 to find the user information, security identifiers (SID), logon identifier for current user on local system.
To use WHOAMI feature,
Go to run – cmd – type whoami and enter.

For a complete list of Whoami parameters, and for learning about the syntax, type whoami /?
Here is the complete parameter list for WOAMI
WHOAMI Parameter List:
1. /UPN : Displays the user name in User Principal Name (UPN) format.
2. /FQDN : Displays the user name in Fully Qualified Distinguished Name (FQDN) format.
3. /USER : Displays information on the current user along with the security identifier (SID).
4. /GROUPS : Displays group membership for current user, type of account, security identifiers (SID) and attributes.
5. /PRIV : Displays security privileges of the current user.
6. /LOGONID : Displays the logon ID of the current user.
7. /ALL : Displays the current user name, groups belonged to along with the security identifiers (SID) and privileges for the current user access token.
8. /FO format : Specifies the output format to be displayed. Valid values are TABLE, LIST, CSV. Column headings are not displayed with CSV format. Default format is TABLE.
9. /NH : Specifies that the column header should not be displayed in the output. This is valid only for TABLE and CSV formats.
10. /? : Displays this help message.
Windows XP users may download the support tools from here.


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