To Avoid message “Disk is write Protected”

August 1, 2012Blog


This message will be displayed only if your register entry is corrupt, or administrator has some limitation or the device itself is protected from unauthorized writing. Here are some ways to avoid this message.
1. If the hardware lock in the device is pushed, it protects accidental writing. Push it back, to disable this write protection. If it is still shown, then the problem may in register entry
2. If the registry key is modified, fix it by following steps,
i)Press Windows Key + R
ii)In run dialog box, type regedit and Enter
iii)In Registry Editor expand the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
iv)Expand System Folder in the left pane under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
V)Choose Current ControlSet and expand it to locate Services
Vi)After you expand Services, click on USBSTOR Vii)Double click on Start and enter 3 in the box appears.
Viii) And close Registry Editor.

3. After editing the registry, even after if that message is displayed, then the problem is with the device itself!
4. Boot in safe Mode, to do this perform the following steps,
i)Restart Windows When the computer turns on again, press F8.
ii)Select option Boot Into Safe Mode using arrow keys and enter.
iii)Open run box and type cmd to get DOS window.
iV)To format the device in problem, then format by, if it is drive F then type format f:
This action will erase all the data’s in that drive, you should do this only if you can’t able to use this drive always!


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