Activate or De-activate CPU core parking in windows 7

July 28, 2012Blog


Core parking features helps you to select a set of processor to stay idle based on their power policy and utilization. It reduces the energy consumption which in turn reduces heat and power usage. You have to manually edit registry entries to activate or de-activate this feature and rebooting it.

The state of parked cores can be seen in resources monitor under CPU tab, on right side. Here are the steps to enable or disable CPU core parking,

Park control tool, to enable or disable core parking instead of registry tweak or reboot. This tool works only in latest intel I series and AMD bulldozer processor. You will get a warning message when you open it.

Create a back up of your power configuration by opening command prompt and type, powercfg.exe -qh > mybackup.txt.

Click ‘yes’, it will open the park control application. In that you can enable or disable parking and enter the percentage of core you want to use. Then Click ‘apply’ and ‘Ok’, now you can see the status on resources monitor. Get this application

Manage Parked CPUs

This feature helps you to enable or disable core parking easily. Click on ‘check status’ to check the status of parked cores. Park all or unpark all buttons will enable or disable all parking. Get this application here


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