Windows 7 Magnifier Feature

August 14, 2012Blog


Microsoft has included magnifier feature in accessibility tool so that you can increase any image size for any vision disability to view the image more clearly.
To open up magnifier,
Run – magnifier
Or Control panel – all control panel items – ease of access center or in accessories folder from startup menu.
You can see the magnifier icon a lens- on your desktop. If you move the cursor near to it, it will open image in a separate window. Where you can increase the image size or windows size by clicking +.

Magnifier has three types of modes to work,
Full screen mode -in which your entire image size is increased.
In lens mode – the magnifier moves as a lens to increase the size on your image.
In dock mode – it magnifies only the part which you are working, it is shown on top of your screen.
For more, click on settings button on magnifier tab,

In which you can increase or decrease the zooming size. If you turn on color inversion, the image colors will be inverted. Start using your magnifier now !


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