Connecting Apple magic trackpad with control panel on windows 7

August 11, 2012Blog


You can use Apply magic trackpad with windows 7, but there are some requirements for it. Here are the ways to connect trackpad,
1.Download the update (Drivers) for 32-bit windows operating systems or 64-bitWindowsoperating systems.
2.The files are enclosed in a .zip file. Double-click BootCamp_3.2_32-bit.exe for 32-bit Windows systems or BootCamp_3.2_64-bit.exe for 64-bit Windows systems.
3.Click Yes for permission and continue.
4.Follow the instructions to install the update.
Based on the type of operating system used, the trackpad has different kinds of gestures shown in chart below,

To connect trackpad, download the trackpad controlpanel.exe file and install it. After installing it, right click on icon displayed in your desktop > show customize > control panel trackpad settings.

In that you can select your option, whether you want to go for one finger gestures or two finger gestures and apply it.
And now enjoy using your trackpad.


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