To share a printer in a network using windows 7

August 11, 2012Blog


If a printer is connected to a system in a network. Then all the users of that network can be made to access that printer easily in windows 7.
The printer should have network port to get connected to the network. It is available in all new version printers.
To share a printer in a network,
Turn on your printer and go to control panel – network and sharing center – advanced sharing settings
Click on chevron to expand current network profiles.
Under file and printer sharing, turn on sharing and click save changes.

After enabling sharing, you have to share your printer. To do that,
Start – devices and printers

Select the printer you want to share and go to its properties by a right click on it.

In printer properties, enable share this printer and render print jobs on client computers option, Click apply and ok.
Now for others to access this printer, they need to do is to add this printer on their system. To do that,
Go to start – devices and printers – select add a printer.

It will get connected to this shared printer and print the files which they want to print.


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