Get frequent windows updates for windows 7 and windows 8

August 2, 2012Blog


Windows has default option to check for regular new updates for every 22 hours. But you can make it to check frequently by customizing it, the following procedure is same for both windows 7 and windows 8!

Go to local computer policy-computer configuration-administrative templates-windows components-windows updates

In that double click the “automatic update detection frequency”

Where the update detection interval is defined as 22, so the windows will check for update at the specified interval. The windows will start checking for updates at 20% before the specified interval. You can change the interval timing to check it frequently at a specified interval as you define. After defining the interval, enable it and select ‘ok’.

If you click disable option, then by default it will check for update at regular 22 hours, even in not configured default state also!

Define the interval and enable option, will help you to have frequent updates.


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