To overcome Windows 7 booting problem after compressing system drive

August 1, 2012Blog


To save disk space, you may have to compress the system drive, but it will result in booting problem. Here are some ways to overcome it.

1.Run startup repair
Execute startup repair option for 3 times, it may or may not help you to fix this problem if the boot loop made is complex.
2.Then you have to manually uncompress all compressed files by following steps.
i)Insert the windows 7 installation disc and shut down your computer. Then restart, it will show you some instruction, click repair your computer and then select the windows installation you want to repair and then click next.
ii)In system recovery option, click load drivers. Once you click, you will get one windows as add drivers, click ok.

iii)Go to my computer, right click on C drive or where you compressed. Select properties and uncheck all compressed files and apply ok

iV)Wait for some minutes, to let it uncompress all files.
Restart your computer to check booting!


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