To customize shutdown in windows 7

August 11, 2012Blog


You can able to turn off your system automatically after a given time using task scheduler in windows 7. Using this feature you dont have to wait till any download to finish, and to turn off your system. By scheduling shutdown in task scheduler, you can automatically turn off your system after a given time taken to finish download.
To open task scheduler,
Run – type taskschd.msc and enter – In task scheduler – actions – create basic task

Create a new task with a name and click next.

Set it to trigger only one time and click next.

Enter the start time and date, click next and start a program.

Type shutdown and in argument box type s-f-t with given time to shutdown. If you want to turn off your system after 1 hour. Then in argument box enter s-f-t 60 and click next.

Click finish and exit. Now your system turn off automatically after a given time.


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