To handle Temperory files in windows 7

August 14, 2012Blog


Temperory files are created to hold files temperorily when you install any application such as graphics, video or media editing software, which becomes unused after installing the application. It occupies the hard disk space unwontedly.
Temporary Files are also created for backup purposes, by programs. Microsoft Office creates a Temporary File of the open document every few minutes. If you save the document and exit, the Temporary File gets deleted. If the program crashes unexpectedly, the Temporary File is not deleted. In these cases it will be useful to recover lost data.
Temperory files are stored in locations, %systemdrive%\Windows\Temp and %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp
Go to computer – system drive – windows – temp. You can search the temperory files by selecting formats .tmp, .temp, and .txt files.
After the selecting the temperory files be sure of deleting it. Since it might be used by the anyother application still.
Or you can change the temperory file store location by,
Control panel – environmental variables – edit the system or user variables.

You can also empty the temperory folder created in system drive by installing CCleaner software to clean up the temperory folder.


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