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August 14, 2012Blog


To save your personal document more securely, you can use desktop password manager through which you protect your document with safe passwords. But it occupies your essential disk space.

Instead of that you can go for online password managers to protect your personal document from unauthorized users.
But it also has some pros and cons. The main advantage is that you need not have to install any software to protect the document. All you have to do is to have a internet connection. The dis-advantage is that there may be many hackers in website also, so be sure of those website.

Here are 3 top online password managers which you can trust to save your document safely,

Acts as a digital vault for your personal data. All the information are first encrypted before it is sent to the website. We can also use password from other programs and it also has backup features too. It stores an offline copy of your password as encrypted html document.

It is easy to login, create password and store the document in passpack. Passpack has javaScript bookmarklet that allows you to simply a click a button in bookmark bar in your web browser to have it log in for you.

Logaway where you can keep entire login and password data in one place. It uses encryption algorithm 256 bit AES encryption in C++ and JavaScript to protect the user from unauthorized users. Stil Protecting more users from hackers.


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