To Turn off hard disk automatically when it is idle.

August 14, 2012Blog


To save power and extended the life span of your hard disk, its better to turn off hard disk when it is idle even in batter mode too. To know the status of your power usage, type powercfg in run window,to display the power usage of your computer or laptop.

When our Windows computer is idle, it is designed to perform some common maintenance tasks to improve performance, like defragmentation, search indexing, paging operations, logging of events, checking for Windows Updates, creating automatic restoration points, scheduled tasks performance, Superfetching, 3rd party activities like that on an antivirus software, loading of drives or services, DHCP or Autonet or Network detection and so on. These are usually run the first time your computer is idle and may take a couple of minutes.
After finishing all those process, you can set to turn off automatically when it is idle. It will help you to save power and to have efficient utilization of power in battery mode.

To do that,
Go to control panel – performance and maintenance – power option – turn off hard disk. You can set the hard disk to turn off automatically after a specified number of hours.


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