How to extend battery life in Laptop

August 18, 2012Blog


To use your laptop portably for many hours, you need to have more charge to travel with you! But it can stand only for 5-6 hours when it is fully charged.
To extend battery life for more hours, here are some ways to conserve the battery power and to use it efficiently.
1.You can change the power plan to ‘Power saver’ mode. To do that go to control panel – power options.

In balanced mode, conserves power when it is idle.
In Power saver mode, decreases the performance and brightness of the display to conserve power while operating.

2.You can also conserve the battery power, by customizing the display to turn dim and off when it is not in use.
To customize the display, go to control panel – power plan – more power options.

3.The devices such as USB mouse, PC cards and wireless devices connected also utilizes some power, you can conserve the battery power by turning off those devices. You can use the touch pad instead of a mouse to extend the battery life.
You can turn off those devices in windows mobility center. To open windows mobility center, start – mobility center.


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