Control Web browsing speed with DNS settings

August 14, 2012Blog


When you type any address in address bar, it will get connected to the IP address of that server, where the site has been hosted, using Internet protocol TCP/IP.
This is done by windows operating system as by default , select the DNS server of your internet service provider.
If your DNS server is slow it will add an additional few seconds to your web page loading.
To test reponse time your DNS server, use dig tool to test it. If it is found to be slow you can switch the DNS server which has more speed in your location.

To Find fastest DNS server in your location, you can use tool Namebench, an open source DNS benchmarking utility.
First it will load the default server and after when you select start bench mark option, it will show the 3 fastest DNS server in your location. You can switch to any of 3 location which offers you fastest browsing experience.

To Switch to another DNS server,
Go to control panel – network connection – select the modem and right click on it – properties – networking
In networking option, select protocol and double click on it – where you can select the desired DNS server.


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