AuditPol utility in windows 7

August 18, 2012Blog


AuditPol is inbuilt feature in windows 7 which is used to control and audit sub-category policy settings accurately.
It is located in system 32 folder, as AuditPol.exe, to enable this feature,
Go to local security policy – local policies – security options,

AuditPol has several functions such as,
Set and query a system audit policy.
Set and query a per-user audit policy.
Set and query auditing options.
Set and query the security descriptor used to delegate access to an audit policy.
Report or back up an audit policy to a comma-separated value (CSV) text file.
Load an audit policy from a CSV text file.
Configure global resource SACLs.
In command prompt, you can use AuditPol to view defined auditing settings by typing auditpol/get/category and enter.

To know more about AuditPol, visit TechNet.


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