To have multiple clocks in windows 7

August 14, 2012Blog


You can have a display three different time zone clock in your system tray. As by default, you can only have a single clock in your tray showing the standard of your current zone. If you move from one time zone to another time zone, there are many website which helps you to convert time zone to your current time zone, if not you can another time clock to display that time zone and to know the time of any your relative living in another time zone location. Time zone differs from country to countries.
The United States itself has four different time zones: Pacific Time (PT), Mountain Standard Time (MT), Central Standard Time (CST) and Eastern Time Zone (ET). Similarly, time in Kolkatta of India is not the same as that in Mumbai.

To Enable Multiple clocks,
Control panel – data and time – additional clocks – show this clock – select the time zone – Ok.
Repeat the above steps to have multiple clocks of different time zone


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