List of windows error and system error

August 14, 2012Blog


Initiallly to know about windows error and its explanation, a resource from Microsoft as Microsoft support error flow which helped us to find the meaning of the windows error code. But it is not available now!
By searching through many Microsoft document links, here are the list of windows error code and its meanings

Above are the windows error code related to win32 error codes, HRESULT and NTSTATUS which are referenced in protocol documentation list.
When using any application on windows, the application itself has error handling codes to handle the errors. If any system errors occurs, it requires user intervention or it may recover by itself or it may require a system reboot.

To know about the error codes and its explanation in windows, then events and error message center will help you to do that! But you need to know the event ID, event source, message text and file name. These information can be found in administration section in control panel. After entering all those information it will find you the explanation of that event.


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