Animus Windows 7 Rainmeter Skin

July 14, 2012Windows 7


Animus is an excellent developed for Windows 7. Animus is a . provides you the best Windows 7 which is available for free download. Animus is one of the most downloaded for Windows 7.


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  • juan pablo November 22, 201210:21 pm

    esto como se instala please tell me

    • jeni November 28, 20127:16 am

      Animus 2.01 Desktop theme BETA
      Still in beta phase and need more development in apps wheel (not usable yet).
      Download is not recommended in this beta phase.

      Change Log:
      2.01.01 beta
      + Button Wheel is now fully customizeable via @Resource/customize.ini

      2.01.03 beta
      + Added Original Animus Desktop logo (You can change or disable the text below Session UpTime at @Resource/customize.ini)
      + New System Status (RAM, Power)
      + New skin option for shutdown, restart, logout
      + Added documents, picture, videos, and my computer buttons.
      * Deleted unused file (make the file smaller)

    • jeni December 26, 201210:37 am

      Descargue e instale el software desde este enlace , a continuación, intente instalar el tema, si todavía les resulta difícil, actualizar el Rainmeter a la última versión.


3 Responses to "Animus Windows 7 Rainmeter Skin"


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