To close outlook.exe even after closing it appearing in task manager

August 14, 2012Blog


Even after closing your outlook.exe, it may be still on run when you check task manager. There are two kind of sources for this to happen.
It may be due to your security software like kaspersky, Norton 360 etc. Each security software has a anti-spam plug-in and it causes the outlook.exe to hang up. To close it, disable add-in of outlook.
To do that you can use OfficeIns which disable the add-in easily in outlook. Close outlook and open officeIns, select add-in and right click on it. Find Change Start Mode and select Disabled and the Select Change Connect Mode and select No. Once you disable the add-in, the open Outlook and test it.

In some cases, even after disabling all add-ins it still appears on task manager. Install process explorer and select outlook.exe
In view menu, select show lower pane. There you can see an add-in near the minimize button. To disable it go to MSCONFIG
and disable teamviewer from startup and services, then reboot the system. It will close outlook from all tabs.


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